Book Distribution

Srila Prabhupada presents Krishna consciousness in a very simple and practical way in his books. His spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saravati Thakur referred to distribution of Krishna conscious books as Brihad Mridanga, the greater drum and instructed Srila Prabhupada to print books whenever he got money. In accordance with that instruction Srila Prabhupada wanted books to be distributed in every town and village.

Our devotees are going for door to door sale of the BBT books to make sale to different libraries, houses, schools, colleges and other establishments. They make a sale of minimum 20 Bhagavad Gita as it is every day apart from other small books. The total statistics of book sale from the temple counter and yearly book sale by the congregation comes to…………….

We also have a brilliant team of non malayalees and malayalees who are forever busy with translation of Prabhupad books to Malayalam .Fore most in this endeavor is the mammoth task of translatin Srimad Bhagavatham along with Srila Prabhupad’s purport .This has taken years of writing, re writing and editing and the has completed 4 cantos so far!!

We also have a fantastic preaching scheme in which our temple preachers take classes in other local temple if they buy 20 copies of Bhagavd Gita as it is in Malayalam or English.

Further ISKCON book stalls are a common sight in all major festivals in the town, be it the International book festival or other major temple festivals.

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